Delta Blue Strategies

A Political and Communications Consulting Firm


Whether running for office or working to have legislation passed, strategy and power analysis is everything. Delta Blue works by identifying where resources and obstacles exist and work to include, avoid, and account for them. A good strategy can turn a “long-shot” bid into a winning candidacy or life changing policy victory.

puzzle piecePolitical and Campaign Strategy 

Delta Blue works to develop and execute a strategy that works for the specific circumstances of each individual campaign. Effectively communicating the motivation to run for office, contrasting policy positions and experience  with opponents, and micro-targeting voters with specific messaging are all components of successful campaigns; whether they be run at the national or local level. 

Rapid Responsetime

Not every obstacle on the campaign trail can be foreseen with the only constant being the obstacles are inevitable. When the unplanned happens, Delta Blue works with campaigns to respond and to develop a solution, at a highly efficient and effective level. Crisis moments don’t have to derail well-run campaigns and Delta Blue is here to make sure they don’t have the opportunity. 

 techDigital Media

The world has changed. Mass media is no longer for large campaigns. With an effective digital media strategy, local and state-level campaigns can reach a broader range of base and independent voters. Building name recognition is no longer limited to TV and direct-voter contact is no longer limited to meet-and-greets. Reach more people in a more personalized way through a strategic digital media arm in the campaign.

Fundraising ConsultingCommunication

Raising funds is a necessary part of any campaign. Delta Blue works to draft effective language and build a consistent donor base to help alleviate the work of fundraising.

global peopleCampaign Management

A consolidation of our political services, Delta Blue’s staff will serve as assistant or chief managers for local and state level campaigns, working with the candidate to make decisions on strategy, staffing, fundraising, and transition. 

 Small Business Communication ConsultingStrategy

 Delta Blue works with small business to adapt our services. From crisis response to digital media and more, we work with small business clients to meet their needs as they grow.